Performance and Characteristics
1. Cutting table is formed by precise ball screw and high performance servo motor drive.
2. Main motor is adopt vector type of high torque inverter for speed regulate ,electronic gear from second gears ,and endless speed regulation from first gears.
3.Adopted PLC digital control system, and color touch screen man-machine interface.
4.Encoder for testing length so as to ensured high cutting precision at different speed.
5. Modularization electric layout designing for easy and scientific using, maintaining and repairing.
6.With multi-function bottom ply device and auto stopping when paper be cut off.
7. With physics gearbox, high torque output .
8.Integration linkage device of integral paper reel stand, glue stand ,guiding paper which be adjust by power-driven

Quick Details

Product Type:Paper Tube machine
Processing Type:Paper Slitting and Rewinding Machine
Place of Origin:Zhejiang, China
Voltage:380v 50HZ(Standard)
Weight:1500 kg
Warranty:1 Year
Production Capacity:0-20m/min
Machinery Test Report:Provided
Video outgoing-inspection:Provided
Warranty of core components:1 Year
Core Components:PLC, Pressure vessel, Gear, Motor, Pump, Bearing, Gearbox, Other
Roll of paper:3-12plies
lnner diameter:20-100mm
Hub wheel:Two head
Cutting length:500-5000mm
Way of fixing length:lnfrared
Way of fixing shaft:Flange
Speed regulation control:lnverter
Hub wheel width:200mm/350mm
Distance of nose:750mm/950mm

Main technical parameters
Materiaal van papier Kraftpapier, tekstielspoelpapier, kunspospapier, ens.
Beheer oor spoedregulering Omskakelaar
Lem Enkele sirkelvormige lem
Geroteerde spoed 1400r/min
Gedraaide spoed van naafwiel 48r/min
Uitset sterkte 3000n.m
Manier om vas te plak Dubbele kante
Voorsien krag 380v 50HZ(standaard)
Verpakking grootte 2900*2200*2000mm(hoofraam) 1500*2200*2000mm(gom stelsel)
Gewig 1500KGS
Naaf wiel breedte 200mm/350mm
Afstand van neus 750mm-950mm

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