pe film dubbelvou Na verseëling Enkellyn koppeling rolsak maak masjien

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Product description
Wenzhou xianghai XH-800F outomatiese chang rol hoë spoed kernlose enkellyn koppeling garbag sak maak masjien. Geskikte HDPE- en LDPE-film om rolsakke te maak. Kenmerke:
1. Use 1 pc servo motor driving, improve the speed and stability.
2. Heat seal and cold cut design ensures the quality of the bag
3. Perforation line always keeps a same distance from the sealing line to ensure there won’t be any tensile force whenever in changing of difference length.
4. Auto exchange new rolling.
5. Both printed bags and blank bags can be made by this machine.

Pe film double folding After sealing Single line linkage rolling  bag making machine
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